SEO audit

SEO audit is a thorough analysis of a website. Compliance with Google guidelines, as well as other search engine requirements is crucial. An audit is the first step towards solid optimization of your website. It consists of:

  1. Technical analysis
  2. Keyword analysis
  3. On-page optimization check
  4. Content analysis
  5. Backlink profile check
  6. Competitor analysis

How long do I have to wait for an audit?

Time required for delivering an SEO audit depends heavily on the size of your website, as well as your niche. Thorough analysis of a large online shop takes much more time than screening a one-pager portfolio site. However you can assume your audit will be ready in 7 to 21 days.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

Again, total cost of the audit depends on the amount of work I have to put to it. Feel free to contact me anytime to get your quote. To acquire your quote faster, please provide:

  • Your website URL (e.g.
  • Expectations and plans according website growth (what kind of keywords you’d like to rank for, building brand popularity etc.)
  • Website adresses of your biggest competitors

What SEO audit is not

An audit is not a complete growth strategy for your website. It does contain all checks that your site meets as well as errors and some advice on how to correct them. However it will not provide you with complete keword research for fututure content, nor a link building plan. However, I will be glad to help you with all this after discussing audit results together.